The Ohrigstad Mission station which is now being developed as a community center was founded in 1964 by the late Pastor Paul van Zyl and his wife Ellie.

The Ohrigstad Mission Station (OMS) is located on a 25 hectare plot of land situated in rural Limpopo in northern South Africa.

The OMS is administrated and supported by the Full Gospel Church of God under the guidance of the Mission Board. The mission station was built as a small replica of Jerusalem and offers a beatific place of reflection as well as the opportunity to contribute to the spiritual and day-to-day wellbeing of the local community.

The Original Vision : Building a facility for the advantage of the local community.

The Original Dream : Creating a center for learning, focusing on skills training and entrepreneurship. This original dream was established in various buildings on this land. The piece of land was donated by a local medical dentist, Dr Daan Claassen. The current value of the property is approximately 20 million South African Rand!

Dr Ruben van Eijk who at that time was the pastor of the Barberton church and the superintendent/overseer of the ten FGC Eastern Transvaal (Presently Mpumalanga) formed a missionary committee with members being the pastor of Nelspruit ( past Tony van Eijk) Tzaneen (Dr SP Schutte), past M Cronje ( Phalaborwa) and past John Joubert (pioneer missionary who served the Barberton and Swaziland areas.

The local churches which are the mentioned donated funds for the initial development and the proper registration of the land. These funds were supplemented by the sale of the mission station that past and sister van Zyl has established in Swaziland in the Lebombo mountains on the farm of Lauri Widd. He accompanied Dr Ruben van Eijk and they went to Swaziland to collect the funds from the church of the Nazarene which had bought threat mission station. All of the initial funds were invested in the development of the newly acquired property as it is today.

The Vision

The Full Gospel Church Mission Board, since, graciously opened the opportunity for public partnerships to be formed on this premises, and changed the name from Orighstad Mission Station (OMS) to Ohrighstad Community Centre (OCC). This initiative opened the door for public participation of the following role players:

The local Community : Skills Audit, Skills training, Co Operative formation, Services such as Food Security, Health Care, Literacy and Numeracy programmes, Education, Economical empowerment, Developing Product markets and Service provision.

The Full Gospel Church Missions Department : Rendering the land and facilities.

The local King and Traditional Council : Mobilising the local community to participate.

The local Municipality : Facilitating the process with local, regional and provincial government.

The local Chamber of Commerce : Mobilsing members to participate against a tax directive.

The local Mines : Allowing tenders for local Workers Co Operatives as service providers

The local Farming Community : Food security programmes against tax directive as well as skills training.

The Limpopo Government:

  • Department Education: Developing the local crèche and ABET training centers.
  • Department Health and Social Services: Developing the local clinic in conjunction with a corporate health care national service provider as investor.
  • Department Agriculture : Registering the Food Security project with the Department in rendering seed, hydroponics and skills training.
  • Department Tourism: Supporting the local products to be marketed at the stores and stalls of the local surrounding towns as well as exports to international markets
  • The local/regional churches: Sponsorships of the projects as well as skills mentorship provision.

Corporate and Private Partnerships with :

  • National Corporate Food Franchise Stores : Food security
  • Factories : Skills transfers
  • Individuals : Skills transfers
  • Sponsors : International and SA Tax Directives