For many years the different larger Christian Denominations in South Africa has set aside a special day for a special opportunity. During 1998 the Chaplains Commission for Pentecostal churches also decided to support this honorable cause. During 1999 the Christian Advisory Board for Protection Services now known as the Security Services Christian Advisory Board (SSCAB) also decided to support the honorable cause. The Chaplains Board of the FGC has deemed it fit to reinstate this Prayer Day honoring all its members serving in any uniform.


The truth is that faith in Christ is the most determined factor in a person’s life. For the different Chaplains services, it is also important to minister and care for the Christians so that their development in faith can be managed. It is unfortunately true that many of our members cannot attend their places of worship, the reason being their operational and work responsibilities. What is also true is that the different Protection Services are being subject to immensely high tension, stress, and pressure. Looking at the media will give us a good idea, it is no secret that the demands placed on these people are high (just think of the crime in our country). We believe that prayer and appreciation for these members would be of immeasurable value. It is also true that the role the Chaplains Service fills in the workplace is also inappreciable.


The Chaplains Commission for Pentecostal Churches thus decided to single out the second Sunday of November, annually, 14 November 2021, for this very purpose. This particular Sunday will also link with many other Christian Denominations, resulting in this Sunday being a united front of prayer directed to God for our members.


The following ideas serve only as suggestions that could possibly be used as guidelines. During one or both Sunday services time could be spent on special prayer(s) for specific members.

On this particular day the worship service could be in the form of a “uniform service”. Your members that are in uniform (SANDF, SAPS, Traffic, Protection – Fire, Ambulance, Medical etc.) could be invited to attend the service in their uniform. The closest uniform-unit (Police station, Defence Force unit etc.) could even be invited to the service. Ministering of the word could specifically incorporate this cause. One of the Commissions chaplains (or a chaplain in your area) could even be invited to minister the Word. During the service, a special time of appreciation and prayer could then be incorporated. Even a small token (symbol) of appreciation can be handed over to the members. You could even invite one of the Officers Commanding, to address the congregation during the worship service. Consider an acknowledgement by presenting a certificate to the Protection Services in appreciation for services rendered. You could also plan for tea after the service, to be enjoyed with the members and invited guests.

NB. It is vitally important that the correct PROTOCOL be adhere to. You are most welcome to contact the liaison chaplains to assist and help in this matter or use a knowledgeable member of your congregation.

Please note that the information given only serves as a suggestion, it is important that your presentation be such that it fits into your local situation.


During this day’s service you can specifically dedicate prayers for this cause. For instance, you can pray:

  1. That the members of the Protection Services that do not know Jesus, meet Him, and grow spiritually and that every member perform his task effectively and according to Christian norms and values.
  2. That the Chaplains continue to minister the Word of God to all members of the Protection Services with dedication and conviction.
  3. That those who serve and protect we protected and blessed by God as they offer their service for the citizens of this country.