We desire to see chaplains who are well trained community servants, who are conducting themselves in a professional, meaningful, life changing way in which they live through involvement in every sector of community life, be it incarceration, health services, benevolent responses, education, law enforcement, emergency service and other governmental and community support agencies.

We have different scopes of chaplaincy available for training in the Community Services Chaplaincy Curriculum. Everyone will have a different scope due to the nature of their jobs, agencies, environment and their past experiences. We will all have one common target and that is to reach a lost world for Jesus Christ our Lord through whatever means possible.
Who can become a Community Services Chaplain? Anyone with a pulse! We love to help people love others. That's our calling and we can help you to train the skills to do Chaplaincy Services in the Marketplace, Hospitals, Law Enforcement, Agencies, Prisons, etc. You will be trained what to do and what not to do in cases of Domestic Violence, Prayer in the Public Forum, Peer Support, Disaster response, and much much more.

Who can host such a training?
Any organisation, church or agency. Where there's people, there's potential for such training.

Basic Chaplain
Advance Chaplain
Master Chaplain
Senior Master

National Coordinator Pastor Morné Lötter
Pastor Lötter has 19 yrs Law Enforcement Chaplaincy experience within the Metropolitan Police Department in Tshwane. At the time of his retirement from the Department he was a Functional Head (Colonel) and was a founding member for the Chaplains division in the Metro Police. He also volunteered in different capacities in South Africa as well as in the USA on two different occasions in Chaplaincy ministry. His passion is to care for people like Jesus did. We have a great team of volunteers to come out and train groups up to 60 people.
You can call: 061 495 5362 or email him: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.