Coins of the new testament

The Full Gospel Church of God in South Africa owns this remarkable collection of coins obtained by the late Pastor JF Rowlands. This collection began after he visited Jerusalem in Israel on April 17, 1933, while archaeologists were doing the excavations at the Bath of Bethesda.

Each coin has its own unique story, and that is precisely what makes the collection so invaluable.

Furthermore, each coin can be linked somewhere to a Bible story with specific scriptures that apply. You can read about this in the two attached documents that would be known as Moving waters (Bethesda Publication) volume 25 (no. 292) of April 1964 and volume 30 (no. 360) of December 1969.

You will notice the following coins in the collection, among others:

  1. Coins in use with Jesus' birth
  2. All the coins used in the N.T period
  3. 7 Churches of the Apocalypse Coins
  4. Coins covering various Roman Emperors and periods from 19B.C to 98A.D

For the FGC in S.A., this is a treasure of inestimable value, and we desire that it be available for future generations, and the coins can be viewed by appointment in the church's museum in Irene.

Special thanks to Past JF Rowlands for this particular collection.