Ministry application form

The Full Gospel Church of God in Southern Africa makes provision for ministry under it's jurisdiction for both men and women in full-time and part-time service.   

The National Examining Board, the Regional Council’s Ministerial Committee and the Local Church Council are empowered by the Executive Council to examine candidates to ascertain compliance with the minimum spiritual and academic standards of the Church for entry to the various categories of ministry.  It should be noted by all applicants for the various categories of ministry status in the Church, that any examining body of the Church (from the level of the Local Church Council to that of the National Examining Board), declining to recommend the application of any applicant, will cause such application to have failed.  Further, the Church is under no obligation to inform any applicant whose application may have failed as to the reasons for the failure of such application.  In signing this application form, the applicant indemnifies the Church and its various examining bodies from divulging any information in regard to the acceptance or rejection of any application. 

It must be clearly understood by all applicants to the ministry that in terms of the Constitution of the Church, there is no obligation on the Church in respect of any required training, probation or preparation period, to accept, approve, ordain or install any person to any status whatsoever. Further, that acceptance to any status of the ministry in no way infers any financial obligation on the part of the Church.   

Persons in the service of the Church, whether in full-time or part-time ministry, claim to be responding to a Divine call of God on their lives and are not at any time considered to be in the employ of the Church in terms of the “Basic Conditions of Employment Act”. As Servants of God they are viewed as “voluntary workers” in the Church who will only be remunerated for their services from the tithes and donations of the members and adherents, as funds are available. No “employer/employee” relationship will pertain to this arrangement. Any agreement or contract entered into between any church council and their minister(s) which is in conflict with the above or any other constitutional provision of the Church, will therefore not be binding on any party involved

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