You Need To Advertise

Collect all the facts; this is important. Collecting facts is a task that never comes to an end. File the facts under different themes. Visit the library and do research. Get facts about the layout of printing and journalism.
Decide on the type of printing you are going to use. It must be easy to read. Decide on the main heading, which should capture the attention. Use clear photos, sketches, drawings and pictures.
 We introduce ourselves to the public/community. They should know who we are, what we believe, what we stand for and what we can offer them. Always use paper of a good quality.
 Remember that it should be possible to take in the whole advertisement at a glance. Do not say too much, only enough to get the attention of the reader. Only the most important information should be given. If you have much information, summarize it and leave enough space. Check spelling, names, places and times. Keep it attractive, simple, lively and with space to move.

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