This manual is designed to be used by a Pastor, his staff and/or a team of workers for reorganising the workers in a congregation. We trust that it will change the focus of the congregation regarding the allocation of workers to positions from a talent / availability / seniority criterion to a ministry criterion.
In order to bring about this change it may be necessary to reorganise the entire congregation to some extent. It is therefore necessary that it should be tackled together with the Functioning of the Body of Christ, the Church Growth Workshop, the adapted Houts Questionnaire and the Bible study.
This manual is the fourth in the above mentioned series and will help you to mobilise your people in their ministries. The purpose of this manual is to supply you with an instrument that will enable you to allocate your members to the ministries for which the Holy Spirit specially prepared and equipped them. In this way they will be used to the full advantage of the Kingdom of God. This means that they will bear maximum fruit and do their full share in realising the growth objectives of the congregation.

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