Dear Prospective Member

I greet you in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and heartily welcome you to our membership class.
Your consideration to become a member of the Full Gospel Church of God is highly appreciated. We believe that your commitment to be part of the Full Gospel Church family will be a mutually beneficial experience. You will have the opportunity to attend worship services in this special congregation and will undoubtedly experience God’s blessing. We believe it is the result of our sincere attempt to be a God-honouring church which is meeting the needs of His people.

Please do not think that membership is just “another ritual” in the church. We have no intention of you joining the F.G.C. and then fading into inactive anonymity. Our desire is for each member to be active in ministry.

Why do we want you to be an “active” member? Because we believe people bloom when they’re serving God! Serving God in the church is a positive and rewarding experience. I have seen a great number of people grow and bloom into the person God intended them to be through service in the congregation. It enhances personal and spiritual growth when we serve each other “as unto the Lord”.

It is my desire to serve you too. I pray that as you join hands with the body of Christ at the F.G.C and as you allow the Word of God to speak to your heart, we will be transformed together into the image of Christ Himself. It’s great to be your pastor!

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