The Church, as described in the book of Acts, was vibrant; every believer was a minister, agapé love flowed freely and the gifts and daily the power of the Holy Spirit was evident on the streets and in people’s houses. In the early days of the church there were no Bibles or Bible Schools, no Theological Seminaries, no Church buildings or Cathedrals – people just ministered to one another. Something went wrong majorly with the Church from ±300 A.D. onwards, causing the church to slide into the “Dark Middle Ages”. “Christianity” became a “religion”, the Church an “organisation”, all “religious” activities were centred round the “Cathedrals” and “Monasteries” and only the “official clergy” had access to the Bible and were allowed to minister the Word of God. The Church in the 20th Century recovered to a great extent from the lowest point of the “Dark Ages”, but was still a far cry away from the example of the Church in the book of Acts. We believe that the “Cell Church” is the closest model to the Church in the book of Acts and this concept will be unfolded and revealed through this presentation. Cell Church is not a programme. You cannot put new wine into old skins! We hope that you understand this and do not mix this oil with the tepid water of traditional church structures. This guide is not to renew existing church structures.

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