Scripture: Matt. 25:34-40 “I was sick, and you visited Me”

When a person is ill, he is more receptive for discussions of a spiritual nature. Normally people are too busy or too rushed to create time to speak about the things of the Lord, but when they are indisposed and have no option but to be quiet and listen, these same people become eager hearers of God’s Word.

It is crucial that the spiritual worker should realise when he visits the sick, the visit should always be uplifting. REMEMBER – THIS IS A MINISTRY!

The sick person often experiences a whole lot of emotions ranging from faith to discouragement, insecurity, loneliness, fear, anguish and stress because of possible future operations. By showing love the concerned spiritual worker can be a life-line for these people to whom they eagerly reach out. This kind of opportunity should compel the dedicated worker to convey God’s love to the sick.

See to it that you always have a Bible with you, however, don’t walk into the ward with your Bible in your hand. Try to acquire a small Bible which can fit into a jacket pocket or handbag. A suitable portion of Scripture is always of great value.

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