Growing in Grace

The Word of God says very clearly that Jesus is the Bread of life and Evangelism is simply, one hungry beggar showing another hungry beggar where to find bread. Jesus is the Bread of life, that was brought home to me so very clearly on our recent trip into Central Africa. The first time in my life I saw new converts literally fighting to get hold of the written Word of God. They did not want food, or clothes, but rather spiritual food, for they are starving for Christian literature. It is so important to sow the seed, but equally important to ensure it grows, that is where this manual, “Growing in Grace” comes in.
I thank God for Pastor Ferdie Warwick, a man who has passion to see the lost saved, and going to maturity. This manual is a tremendous tool for the gospel, and is sorely needed by Evangelist and Pastor alike, as part of the “tools of the trade”. I highly recommend this manual, “Growing in Grace”.

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