Besides the spiritual qualities that are indispensable, finances are the heartbeat of a successful ministry. When a pastor and/or congregation experience a lack of money, stress can slow down the momentum like a brake.

A lack of proper management often results in a lack of funds, for when contributors realise this, they are reluctant to support the church programme. It causes poverty in the church, which is passed on to the parsonage, as the pastor is compensated from the net surplus of the monthly budget of the church. The next step is malpractice because shortages must be overcome. In all honesty, it is then all too easy for a pastor to approach the church treasurer for an unofficial mini-loan from the tithes, just until the end of the month, before it is recorded.

If expenses exceed the income, the mini-loan will develop into a maxi-loan within a few short months and will eventually cause misery for the pastor, treasurer and church.

This is just one of many reasons why an effort should be made early enough to implement a sound and reliable financial structure in which people can confidently invest.

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