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World Evangelism  Ministerial Development The Centrality of God's Word

To reach the whole world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To develop ministries for maximum efficiency in declaring the gospel and strengthening churches.

To appropriate God's Word as the criteria for all church ministries and personal living.

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 Discipleship Biblical Stewardship  Lay Ministry 

To nurture believers in spiritual growth and personal development.


To establish believers as stewards of God's provisions in keeping with Biblical principles, of tithes and offerings to promote God's work. 

To motivate lay witness and ministry participation. 

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 Church Growth  Church Planting Family Enrichment  

To implement the expansion and outreach of local congregations in ministry to contemporary needs.

To plant and grow new churches in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

To challenge families to live by the authority of God's Word and the implementation of its values for every day living. 

  Servant Leadership   

To promote and build leadership efficiency at every level of church organisation.