Secretary General - Ps R Pelser

Pastor Renier Pelser has been in the ministry of the Full Gospel Church of God since 1988 and has faithfully served the Church since then.

He started ministry as an assistant in Kimberley while busy with his military training, where he also served as chaplain.

His ministry began at Bloemfof in NW. Since 1994 he pastored a very successful ministry at Full Gospel Church in Middelburg Mpumalanga (24 years). During this time, a strong team of leaders developed, and in which he sees himself as Spiritual Father. Some of the young men today are pastors of their FGC congregations.

Pastor Pelser likes to focus on the training and equipment of pastors. For 18 years, he edited a weekly spiritual article that appeared every Friday in the Middelburg Observer. He served on the Governing Body of 3 different schools for 16 years and as Chairman of the Governing Body at 2 of the schools.

Further, he was also involved with the ministry on the Radio for several years. In 1999 Pastor Pelser was elected as the Regional Overseer of the Mpumalanga Region.  He served as the Regional Overseer from 1999 - 2017. He served as a member of the Executive Council of the Full Gospel Church of God. He also served on the National Youth Council for many years. Pastor Pelser was elected as Secretary-General of the Church in October 2017.

Ministry Skills:

He is married to Ronel Pelser and is the proud father of three daughters, Chanelle, Tanya & Marizaan. His son in Law Thys Dupont is currently the assistant pastor in Middelburg. He has two grandchildren Eduard & Lara.