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Learning Support Centres (click here to view documentation)

The main purpose of the Learning Support Centre is to facilitate the required extent of contact support for distance learning students registered for the distance learning programmes of the Full Gospel Church of God College (FGCC). As an added benefit it can also help realise the Church’s vision to empower our leadership and membership, never neglecting the Great Commission so that an informed congregation will be better able to serve the Lord with diligence

In-House Certificate in Ministry (click here to view documentation)

Our three year programme designed by the Full Gospel Church is the minimum requirement for those who desire entrance into the ministry order of the Full Gospel Church of God. The programme provides comprehensive Theological and practical training for learners, with an emphasis on a Classical Pentecostal approach and ethos.

Alternate Ministry Programme (click here to view documentation)

In line with the Church’s vision to focus on ministry to the Body of Christ, the Full Gospel Church has designed and developed the Alternate Ministry Programme (AMP), an in-house three year programme, to theologically equip people for ministry. Making sure that we are true to our value of being faithful to our Pentecostal heritage!

Tutorial Letters For Diploma Modules (click here to view documentation)

This is an explanation of the content, structure and the different assessments of the various modules pertaining to the Diploma in Theology.