Dr Anton van Deventer

DeventerDr Anton van Deventer was born on the 19th September 1946 into a God-fearing family. He is the 2nd child of four siblings, two of whom also went into fulltime ministry.

He felt the call on his life from a very early age but decided he would only enter fulltime ministry if he was positive God had called him. He thus started working at a bank and later also started his own business. In 1973 he had a very definite calling from God and entered the Berea Bible School that same year. He obtained his Licentiate in Theology from Berea Bible College in1979. Thereafter he went on to obtain a B.A., D.T.E. and an M.Ed. from the University of South Africa. He was later presented with an honourary doctorate from Lee University in the U.S.A.

He married Barrie van Deventer (neé Shuttleworth) in 1973. They have two daughters, Nicolette and Natasha and a son, Marcel, who is also in fulltime ministry. His daughters obtained a C.A. and B.Sc. respectively and work in highly professional jobs. He and his wife are also the proud grandparents of four beautiful grandchildren!

Dr van Deventer entered the ministry as the Youth Pastor for Pastor J.L. de Bruin at the Pretoria Central Full Gospel Church. In 1977 he was approached by the Board of Evangelism to start the Sinoville Assembly on the north side of Pretoria. This assembly, by the grace of God, grew steadily to become one of the most successful assemblies in the Full Gospel Church.

Dr van Deventer was elected as Moderator of the Full Gospel Church in 2001 after first declining the nomination. He was then persuaded by a member on the floor to allow his name to be put back on the voting list! He has been re-elected three times after this on nomination and at this time is the longest serving Moderator in the history of the Full Gospel Church.

Dr van Deventer is a very strong leader, able to make qualitative decisions under difficult circumstances. He has always practiced an ‘open door’ policy and firmly believes that the Church’s greatest asset is its ministers.